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Institute for Prospective and Advanced Strategic and Security Studies
Welcomes You

IPA3S stands alone among the best Strategy and Security
Think Tanks in the MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa Regions. Composed of open source analysts with special interests in MENA and Sahel, social media, civil society, and intelligence experts to name a few.
IPA3S offers National Security, Geo Strategy and Intelligence tools.
We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their
needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing
high quality and scalable solutions. Learn how your government or institution can benefit.

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Our Think Tank Offers National Security, Geo-Strategy, Intelligence, Unparalleled Insight, Awareness & Tools.
How can You benefit? Ask.

Soldiers and Tanks

Defense and Security


Geo-Political Analysis

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Cyber-security and Technology

Global Security

Military Action

Conflict Management, and

Peace Making/Keeping Process

Geo-Political Studies

Economic Intelligence Outlook

Strategic Forecasts

Good Governance, and

Public Policy Programs

Intelligence, Surveillance, and Privacy

Analysis of National Security

Integration of Military Systems

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Threat Anticipation Systems

Offensive and Defensive Cyber capabilities, and

Big Data methodologies and mass public behavior-graphical insight

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The Institute brings together an exceptional group of multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted experts composed of former Senior Military Officers, Diplomats, Researchers and Experts in the fields of National Security, Intelligence, Public Policy, Cyber Security, Socio-Political Influencers, and Economic Intelligence Experts.

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Rear-Admiral (R) Kamel Akrout

Former Senior National Security Advisor to the President of Tunisia and Former Head of Military Intelligence

Dr. Tawfik Bourgou

Executive Director of Global Geo-Strategy and National Security Intelligence

Mr. Firas Sassi

Senior Director of National Security and Geo-Strategy Policies

Dr. Emna Jeblaoui

Senior Fellow of Islamic Studies

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Crisis Communication: An essential Skill - IPASSS

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People & Blogs

Kamel Akrout, ancien premier conseiller à la Sécurité nationale auprès du président de la République

Festival di filosofia - Emna Jeblaoui

#Med2019 Kamel Akrout | Migration, Are MENA countries ready to cooperate?

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Black and White Star in Circle

Geo Politics - National Security - Insight - Public Policy

 Publications & Case Studies

Évènements terroristes en Tunisie

By: Mr. Karim Ammar

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Command as a Tool of War

By: Mr. Firas Sassi

Sahara development A lever for growth and job creation for the region of Tataouine

By: Mr. Khaled Kaddour (In French)

Mediterranean Cyber Defense/Offensive Capacity Building- We are in it together

By: Mr. Firas Sassi (In English)

Covid-19: The Day After

By: Dr. Tawfik Bourgou (In French)

The “enlarged G7” in Tunisia

Model by: Admiral (R) Kamel Akrout and Colonel Franck Peinaud

Jeunes, violenes faites aux femmes et interprétations du religieux (Bulletin de l'OGEC)

By: Dr. Emna Jeblaoui (In French)

Roots & Recommendations for Counter-Radicalization

Dr. Emna Jeblaoui (In English)

Rôle des Femmes dans la Prévention de l’Extrémisme Violent en Tunisie

By: Dr. Emna Jeblaoui (In French)

Information and Terrorism Policy in the Transition Phase: The Case of Tunisia

By: Dr. Tawfik Bourgou (In French)

About Insurgency & Terrorism

By: Admiral (R) Kamel Akrout (In Arabic)

IPASSS - Think Tank: Files
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