Executive Board 


Permanent National Security Committee

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Rear-Admiral (R) Kamel Akrout

Founder and
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Tawfik Bourgou

Co-Founder and
Executive Director

Mr. Firas Sassi

Co -Founder and
Managing Director


Anthropological and Scientific Committee

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Dr. Emna Jeblaoui

Islamic Studies PHD, Professor and Senior Countering Violent Extremism Expert

Mrs. Neziha Laabidi

Peace Ambassador, Social and Public Policy Expert and former Minister of Women and Family Affairs

Mr. Mustapha Attia

Strategic Studies, Human Sciences Expert and Author


Climate Change and Sustainability Committee

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Mrs. Noura Laroussi

Industry and Energy Expert

Dr. Khaled Kaddour

Energy and Strategic Studies Expert and former Minister of Energy, Mines, and Renewable Energy

Mr. Tarek Azouz

Climate Change and Action Advisor

Ms. Mariem Akrout

Energy Consultant


National Security & Intelligence Applications Committee

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Karim Ammar Profile pic.jpg

Major Colonel (R)

Mr. Mokhtar Ben Nasr

Military Intelligence Expert and former Head of the Counter Terrorism Commission, Ministry of Defense, Tunisia

Commodore (R)

Mr. Jalel Tounsi

Cyber Intelligence Expert and Former Commodore, Tunisian Navy

Mr. Karim Ammar

National Security Expert and former Director General of the Security Pole for the fight against Terrorism & Organized Crime, Tunisian Fusion Center, Ministry of Interior, Tunisia

Commander (R) Mr. Ramzi Houria

National Security Expert and former Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Tunisian National Security Council

Mayssa Zerzri.jpg

Mr. Firas Sassi

Defense & Intelligence Solutions Architect

Mrs. Mayssa Zerzri

Cyber Security Expert and charged of Cyber Security and Digital Rights at the Cabinet of the Minister to the
head of government


Geo-Strategy Committee

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Dr. Rafaa Tabib

Geo-Political and Security Expert
PHD- Professor at University of Manouba

Dr. Tawfik Bourgou

Geo-Strategy Expert
Author and Professor

Commander (R) Mr. Ramzi Houria

National Security Expert and former Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Tunisian National Security Council

Mr. Naim Ben - Hamida

Geo-Political Advisor


Media and Public Relations Committee

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Mrs. Faten Ben Aissa

Communication and Public Relations Consultant

Ms. Amal Baccara

I.T and Media Consultant

Mrs. Soumaya Dridi

Media Consultant

Mr. Mahmoud El Ghoul

Audiovisual and Communication Consultant


Diplomatic and Economic Committee

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Mr. Abderrazak Landoulsi

Former Ambassador

Mr. Tarek Azouz

Former Ambassador

Mr. Mondher Dhraief

Former Ambassador

Ms. Mariem Akrout

Global Expansion Coordinator


Honorary Committee

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Dr. Nabeel Alobaidi

Security Policy Expert and Professor of International Law

Administrative Committee

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Mrs. Neziha Laabidi

Vice President

Mr. Abderrazak Landoulsi

Secretary General

Mr. Tarek Azouz

In Charge of International Relations

Commodore (R)

Mr. Jalel Tounsi



Youth Committee

Generation for the future

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Mohamed Ayari.jpg
Jezia Labidi.jpg

Oumaima Ben Nsib

Public Law Consultant

Mohamed Ayari

Youth and Public Outreach Advocate

Jezia Labidi

Sustainability and Development Consultant

Sarra Azouz

Democratic Governance Advocate