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Asymmetrical Warfare

An Innovative Solution

What is Asymmetrical Warfare

Involving unorthodox strategies, policies and procedures adopted by a force when the military capabilities of antagonistic contentious capacities are not simply unequal but are so significantly contrasting that forces are unable to respond with corresponding proportionate attacks.  With growing complied evidence, asymmetrical warfare has increasingly become the method of choice among dissident, extremist political groups and will be the most likely cause of national and international security threats in the 21st century. Operating small covert cells and possessing no recognition or affiliations for or with sovereign nations or territories; asymmetrical militaristic combatants can participate in violent lethal activities with less overhead risk as compared to traditional warfare. Continuously perpetuating those who have been eliminated as martyrs or propaganda. Conflict originating with Guerrilla warfare, terrorism, irregular warfare, migration, illegal immigration, border disputes, famine and state leads the post-modern day world in conflict.

In the post-modern warfare era, the disposition and configuration of war is being transformed by advancements in technological, social, and cultural progression. Simultaneously, it has been discovered and recognized that warfare is beginning to be dictated and influenced by unconventional unorthodox tactics. Conflict and warfare has been revolutionized from state centricity to an attitude where philosophy of state no longer provides avenues for disputatious and resolution.

Asymmetric avenues are endeavors used to circumvent and damage strengths, while simultaneously exploiting countries weaknesses involving practices that differ significantly from the from the host country. Asymmetric approaches often employ innovative, non-traditional tactics, weapons or technologies and can be applied at all levels of warfare, strategic, operational and tactical and across the spectrum of military operations

Asymmetric warfare can be said to comprise three main types: Strategic asymmetry, tactical asymmetry and war by proxy

Strategic Asymmetry:

Being positive or negative, asymmetry exploits differences to gain the advantage. Operational speed, intelligence, synchronization, training and morale, Population, secured borders, strategic placement of interest’s aide in the creation of an advantage over a target

Tactical Asymmetry:

Encompassing a wide range of activities that take place to achieve the strategy; Tactical advantages allows the strategic plan to progress from milestone to milestone. Advancements in technology, signals, training, weaponry, nuclear capability provide a clear multipurpose and inextricably link between tactical and strategic asymmetry

War by Proxy:

States engage in proxy war for various accounts, most importantly, the circumvention of direct conflict, when engaging states with greater or comparable strengths especially with a state of greater or equal strength. Due to proxies strategic rational going unchecked, the underlying assumption of logic seems sound, often resulting in misdirection of the issue at hand

Assymetrical Warfare: Projects
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