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Cyber Defense & Offense

Cyber Defense:

Increasingly as information and communication technologies pervade and pry into every aspect of our lives, they also leave personnel and countries vulnerable to cyber-crime. Cyber security is one of the greatest challenges the post-modern world faces and cyber security services has now become an important part in business, economic, military and political strategies.

As cyber threats continue to quickly and intelligently evolve, information technology companies graciously hesitates to introduce and implement new technologies due to concerns with security risks and a lack of a comprehensive threat assessment.

Proactive active cyber defense requires copious amounts of planning and secure management involvement to transform an organization’s cyber-security approach to into one that utilizes active cyber defense. Active cyber defense implementation requires private organizations to stay within specific legal boundaries and therefore cannot fully apply all of the possible options and techniques available within the scope of a lively cyber defense -based avenue and maintain within legal limitations.

Organizations have long relied on a cyber-security strategy of perimeter defense, but each year data breaches increase, which indicates that this ineffective. This trend indicates that organizations must now constantly monitor their data systems using a new perspective and methods to adequately detect unauthorized and cyber-criminal activity that originates from external and internal source. In order to defend their vital interests, many technology reliant countries concentrate on organizing their cyber security policies. Many affected nations have taken some sort of national, legal, and military measures.

Under current regime of international laws, norms, and definitions not only insufficiently addresses cyber terrorism; it actually intensifies the dangers of the threat by creating a gray area or gap that can be exploited by cyber terrorists. In order to establish a global cooperation, a concerted strategy and policy should be constituted. There is a need to continuously watch, examine, observe and review extremist organization websites. So as to keep up a standard understanding and cooperation among international community, a uniform intelligence sharing and assembling process should be administered.


During growing times of unknown threats and advancing weakness, instituting and maintaining a potent cyber-security profile in establishments are critical. Valuable data and resources integrity must be conserved and upheld in the interest of national security. Modern cyber-security has become an urgent issue pressing organizations and governments world-wide. It has been presently acknowledged by organizations and governments as a world-wide conflict requiring security and early detection from possible violent and malicious attacks to defend sensitive informational assets and advantages.

 Governments are under pressing obligation to utilize multiple tools for securing and maintaining a multitude of cyber-security avenues through various operational systems for supporting different tiers of users and profiles. Informational systems auditing has become more intricate and delicate due to the impetuously emerging technological hazards. Audits and retrospections accomplished by autonomous capacities augment the potential of detecting control defenceless and provide further statements.

Control consequences are routinely not due to the dereliction of the technology. However, they are mostly the result of entities not executing the procedures, or utilizing an operation that is inadequately protected. Many severe and borderless consequences will befall from information infrastructure disruptions at the worldwide and regional level. Worldwide and regional disruptions would insensately be the ambition of any accountable international entity, consequently as an unintended outcome of using cyber-attacks as part of conflict, often combined with malicious attacks.

Cyber Defence & Offense: Project
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