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C6- Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance

Threat Anticipation Solution

The solution will allow the end user to persistently monitor crisis situations and generate a wealth of actionable intelligence for military and civilian decision makers to proactively engage in responses.

Some potential situations requiring intelligence based management include:

  1. Counter-Insurgency/terrorism

  2. Political unrest and public dissatisfaction

  3. Political coup and Regime change attempts

  4. Cyber Defense/Offense

  5. Support to conventional land, air and sea operations

  6. Border conflicts

  7. Narcotic interdiction

  8. Illegal cross-border smuggling

  9. Disaster management

How It Works

The C6ISR will use a blend of advanced intelligence analysis tools coupled with an innovative data analytics to support decision makers. At the core of the system will be an advanced data analytics engine, Total::Insight, which is the same analytical software deployed in few NATO countries to analyze threats in real time, predict threat activity, calculate damage assessment and provide multiple COAs.

How We Do It

End users request us to build the Operational Command Centres facilities where data will be analysed and synthesized into actionable intelligence. Our engine will ingest imagery data, geospatial intelligence, signals intelligence reports, cellular phone metadata, real-time video feeds, internet, social media feeds and other information sources, both classified and open source to produce the alerts and COAs. To provide a digital geospatial baseline capable of supporting the operations facilities, an important part of this Program will be to collect, configure and integrate geospatial data sets into the system. Data collection will include acquisition over all of the end user country and over strategic areas adjacent to the end user country.

The end user will be capable of analyzing massive volumes of information to produce alerts that decision makers can use to identify new threats and manage developing threats while offering COAs in real time. The system will be dynamic and will learn from past patterns, actions and inputs, thereby growing more effective as time progresses.

COAs produced will be presented to select intelligence analysts trained under our Program, who will review and validate the COAs to further support government and military decision makers. The initial installation of the system will focus on the highest priority threats.

The Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) systems and associated Tactics, Techniques and Procedures proposed for our solution have been proven in programs operating in certain countries successfully. Combining training, sensors, and intelligent software offered in our solution will change how the end user operates. Government decision makers, Field commanders, headquarters staffs and the Head of Government will have a powerful data source and analysis capability that will generate recommendations and options based on dynamic real-time inputs.

C6- Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance: Project
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